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- EASY INSTALLATION: Engine oil filter comes with Suregrip non-slip surface making it easy to remove and implement your filter without slippery mess ups. Perfect for the DIYer like yourself, just screw...

- DURABLE DUAL LAYER: Compare to standard oil filters, FRAM Ultra Synthetic provides 99%+ filtration efficiency with pleated media that entraps all kinds of dirt and exhaust for a cleaner output.

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- EFFICIENCY: Tough Guard provides 99% filtration efficiency and ideal protection for drivers who push their vehicles to the extreme.

- ENGINE PROTECTION: Synthetic fiber/cellulose blend increases dirt-trapping and dirt-holding capacity for higher levels of engine protection and longer filter life. Synthetic blend media provides 99% d...

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- Includes gasket, mounting plate, center tube and inner element tube

- Increased dirt-holding capacity

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- Package Dimensions: 6.67 L x 3.73 H x 4.47 W (inches)

- Package Weight: 1.71 pounds

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- Features 100 percent synthetic micro-glass media for superior particle removal

- 99 percent filtration efficiency at 25 microns

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- Country of origin : United States

- Package Dimensions : 6.67" L x 4.47" W x 3.73" H

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- Up to 15, 000 miles; 99% Dirt Removal Power

- Smart FUSION Technology featuring a reinforced polymer mesh backing for expanded dirt holding capacity

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- Provides long-life performance for today's longer drain intervals

- Effectively removes contaminants, with a 99.6 percentage Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating and an advanced synthetic fiber blend media

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- Keeps oil cleaner, longer - 99%+ efficiency . Synthetic blend media keeps oil cleaner and holds more dirt

- Protects 2X as long . Tested and proven at double auto manufacturers' recommended oil change intervals

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As you run oil through your engine, it accumulates dirt, soot, and sometimes even small metal particles. Fortunately, the oil filter prevents these particles from getting to important parts of your engine, but it does wear out. Change your oil filter with every oil change, and rest assured that your engine will have a long, trouble-free life.